General Advice for Claims

In claims, there are some basic rules/procedures of which you should be aware. Adherence to these basics will assist in the effective management of your claim.

  • Advise your broker, adviser or insurer immediately of any loss or damage that you think will lead to a claim.
  • If you do not believe you have the time to manage the claim and/or prepare the loss in accordance with the policy, contact Loss Management International for advice and assistance.
  • Take immediate steps to protect the property from suffering further damage.
  • Where the law has been broken, the Police must be advised.
  • Under no circumstances must liability be admitted for any accident.
  • Any Third Party demand should be immediately referred to your broker, insurance adviser or insurer.

All incidents which may give rise to a claim (except Workers Compensation), should be reported as soon as possible to your brokers, insurance advisers or insurers, who should advise you how to lodge the claim, and what documentation will be necessary. Workers Compensation incidents should be reported to your Work Cover Insurer.