ISR Policy Reviews

The Industrial Special Risks ("ISR") policy is designed to be the foundation of a policy that is tailored to meet the needs of the insured business.

It follows a different approach to a sum insured, say, under a business pack and requires skill to ensure the Declared Values, Limits and Sub-Limits of Liability are adequate to provide complete protection.

On the one hand, there are over 200 differences between the four 'standard' industry versions of the ISR policy. On the other hand, there are more than 500 endorsements available to tailor the 'standard' policy to meet the needs and risk appetite of the Insured. Many of these endorsements have been drafted by one of LMI Group's experts.

LMI Group literally wrote the book on the ISR policy, publishing a 3-volume comprehensive guide. Using the knowledge gained from this in-depth study of the ISR policy, an insurance broker, adviser, insurer or Insured is able to engage one of our experts to review the Policy Schedule, policy wording and endorsements, either for a standalone client or an industry scheme.

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