Phoenix Awards

Research conducted by Prof. Allan Manning of the LMI Group shows that 50% of businesses fail within 2 years of a major insured event1. LMI Group’s Phoenix Award recognises those businesses that had the management skill and tenacity, coupled with adequate insurance, to not only revive and survive, but truly thrive following such a loss/disruption. 

We congratulate the worthy recipients of the LMI Group’s Phoenix Award, who have been inducted into the exclusive Phoenix Club. As Richard Nixon said in a speech in 1973, “The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.”

The support and assistance provided by the broker during this time, can be easily overlooked given the enormity of the tasks facing the business. For this reason, The Phoenix Club recognises these dedicated professionals. As in practice, so too in our honour roll below, the broker stands beside their client through the good times and the bad, as a trusted adviser.

1 Manning A., 2004, “Strategic Management of Crises in Small to Medium Businesses”, unpublished Doctoral Thesis, Victoria University, Melbourne. A book form of the thesis, titled ‘It Will Never Happen to Me’, is available at

The Nest45 Storm loss suffered on 21 April 2015 James Wilson Insurance Solutions Pty Ltd (Insurance Advisernet Austalia)
The Christchurch Club Earthquake Losses on 4 September 2010, 26 December 2010, 22 February 2011, 13 June 2011  
Peter Unger Catering Services Major fire on 4 February 2015

Scott Winton Insurance Brokers

GSB Chemicals Major fire on 21 January 2015

Boutique Risk

Donovans  Major fire 24 August 2014 Pace Insurance Brokers
French’s Laundry & Dry Cleaners Fire on the 09th July 2012 Rob La Brasse, Pollard Insurance Brokers
Feingold Flowergrowers Fire on the 24th August 2014 Fitzpatrick Insurance Brokers
MJS Floorcoverings Fire 14 April 2010  
Whisky Galore Earthquake Loss on 22 February 2011  
Stray Dog Earthquake Loss on 22 February 2011  
Art & Soul Pty Ltd Major fire on 17 December 2008 Stephen Shephard, Bass Insurance Brokers
Johnson Asahi Pty Ltd Major fire on 21 July 2008  
Defab Weavers Pty Ltd Major fire on 3 April 2008 Martin Owen, Philp, Newby & Owen Pty Ltd
Radioladmin Services Pty Ltd (Mackay Radiology) Cyclone on 15 February 2008 Keith Williams, Queensland & Pacific Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Designwyse Australia Pty Ltd Major fire on 23 July 2007  Kate Beever, LBA Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
G & J Machining Major fire on 8 June 2007 Tom Powell, Westcourt General Insurance Brokers
Jenny & Ken Walther Major fire on 1 December 2006  Melinda Edwards, Eastern Equity Insurance
Unigreen Food Pty Ltd Major fire on 26 May 2006  
Select-O-Pedic Bedding Pty Ltd Major fire on 18 April 2006  
Kimberley Gardens Major fire on 30 July 2005 Peter Shukosky, Scott Winton Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
Bellinzona Grange Major fire on 15 November 2003 Don McLardy, McLardy McShane Insurance Brokers