Loss Management

Minimising the threats and maximising the opportunities

When the worst happens and a catastrophe does strike, the LMI Group’s loss management division has a highly qualified team operating across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, China and the United Arab Emirates, offering the highest level of loss management and claims preparation services. The Loss Management International (“LMI”) team also operates internationally.

Our team are not just historians, working out what the loss has been. Such people do little more than ‘borrow your watch to tell you the time’. On the contrary, we coined the term ‘loss management’ to assist organisations in truly managing a loss. Whether it be a fire in Christchurch, a construction risks loss in Jakarta, a cyclone in North Queensland or an earthquake in China, LMI will be there, working to mitigate the threats to the organisation, maximise the opportunities, and prepare the insurance claim to ensure that nothing is missed.




With this team on your side, you have the very best experts working for you. A quick tour around this site will show that this team literally wrote the industry standards on insurance and claims, a high proportion of policy wordings, as well as many of the text books and training courses used by the industry. The team combines continuing professional development and research, with years of practical experience and empathy to provide you with genuine help following a loss.

For further information, please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page for details of regional contacts. Alternatively,  view our Claims Preparation brochure, which may also be downloaded for your convenience.