Policy Library

LMI Group brings their unique library of policy wordings direct to your desktop!

To search the library, simply choose from the dropdown lists, years and/or enter your search terms in the Search field, then click the Search button.

When using the search field, it is worthwhile noting that the search process will locate policies that contain the search terms as they appear in the search field (ie. same order and spelling), matching these terms to the policy title or code. As such, a policy code may be entered as a search term instead of words. The search field is not case-sensitive.

The search criteria will automatically default to current documents. If you are searching for an old document, you can narrow the search results by selecting Archived documents. Alternatively, if you are uncertain as to the status of the document, please select All.

TIP: Selecting more than one criteria will narrow the search considerably!

Search Results

Search results are listed at the bottom of the page and are arranged in accordance with the selection criteria available.

The majority of columns are sort-enabled. Clicking on the column will sort alphabetically, while clicking on an alphabetically-sorted column will reverse the arrangement.

Clicking on the document title provides a link to the document, enabling you to view the document in your browser. From here, you can choose to print the document or save a copy to your computer.