Following the success of the first publication by Prof. Allan Manning, 'Business Interruption Insurance & Claims', we released a revolutionary 3-volume set titled 'Understanding the ISR Policy (Mark IV & Mark V)', which was followed by the stand-alone publication, 'It Will Never Happen to Me! The Strategic Management of Crises in Business'.

Given the popularity of these publications and requests from the insurance and finance sector, Prof. Manning has put pen to paper once again, creating additional titles for our range of publications, featuring varying aspects of insurance. In 2011, look out for our new releases, some of which have been co-authored with other members of our team. Such titles include:

  • Crime, Fidelity & Money
  • Bougainville Terrorism - Lessons for the Insurance Industry
  • Mannings Dictionary of Insurance, Law & Risk
  • Making Sense of Numbers
  • What's Insurance? It Protects Your Stuff

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The Great Fire of London 1666 – The Birth of Modern Fire Insurance
The second instalment in the photobook collection is The Great Fire of London 1666 – The Birth of Modern Fire Insurance. Following the story of the great fire of London as written by Dr Allan Manning and Steven Manning, this book contains photos from Allan and Steven’s research trips around London over the years. A visually appealing and equally educational piece, this book is a must have on your coffee table.
Carter v Boehm: 250th Anniversary Conference on Utmost Good Faith
A coffee table book written by Dr Allan Manning which was produced to follow the court case, Carter v Boehm [1766] and the inception of the insurance principle Utmost Good Faith which celebrated 250 years in 2016. Dr Manning hosted a conference alongside Barrister Greg Pynt in October 2016 in Bengkulu, Indonesia and visited the location of the loss which gave rise to the case that ultimately led to the inception of this still ever so important insurance principle. The images are taken from the conference and around the region accompanied by text written by Manning about the case.
Mannings Guide to Cyber Security & Insurance
A guide to cyber security and insurance. The guide explaining the major risks, sets out some preventative strategies and the importance and areas of the coverage afforded by quality cyber insurance policy. It also has answers to frequently asked questions. As with our other eBooks the Guide is available in hard copy as well with co-badging with your logo available in either the eBook or hard copy versions.
Mannings Guide to Interruption Insurance
An introductory guide to business interruption insurance setting out the importance of the coverage; what businesses should consider the cover; how to set the sum insured; how long to insure for; optional additional benefits and answers to frequently asked questions.
Mannings Guide to Contract Reviews
Seeing so many small and medium business owners and managers get themselves into real financial difficulty by entering into contracts prompted me to write this Guide. The root cause was that the business owner was, focusing solely on the perceived benefit and not appreciating the liabilities and other consequences of what they were signing. It is the aim of this Guide to explain the major issues that should be considered when signing any contract, large or small.
What's Insurance?
This illustrated book, designed specifically for children, outlines the basics of general insurance, how insurance came about, and talks to children at their own level to help them to understand why insurance is so important. In addition to being an important educational tool for use in the schoolroom, for members of the insurance industry, ‘What’s Insurance’ provides you with a fun and educational book to guide your own children and grandchildren the important work that you undertake each and every day.
It May Happen to Me!
This Guide explains how and why insurance came into being and why it is still so relevant to home and business owners today. Besides explaining what is covered, the Guide looks at the often more important issue of what is not covered by policies. Most importantly, the Guide provides practical advice on the key issues, so that you, your family and your business will not only survive a crisis, but thrive!
Mannings Six Principles of General Insurance
Dr Manning takes you on a guided tour of the fundamental principles of insurance, exploring the rich history of one of the world’s oldest industries. This Guide explains how each principle is interpreted and, where appropriate, how and when it has changed over time.
Business Interruption Insurance & Claims
A Practical Guide to Business Interruption Insurance for Business Managers, Insurance Brokers and Agents. Any business represents a valuable asset. How to insure this is not taught in any business or commerce degree, and yet getting it wrong can destroy years of hard work and astute business decisions.
Understanding the ISR Policy Volumes 1, 2 & 3
A Comprehensive Guide on the cover afforded by the Industrial Special Risks Policy for Insurance Brokers and Advisors, Underwriters and Claims Officers, Loss Adjusters, and Risk Managers: Volumes 1, 2 &3. This is by far and away the most comprehensive guide to the ISR wordings ever produced.
It Will Never Happen To Me!
The Strategic Management of Crises in Business. Over 50% of businesses that suffer a major insured loss fail within 2 years of the event. Of those that survive, 25% change their insurance adviser. As an industry, we need to do things better. This book examines why some businesses are able to , like the mythical phoenix, rise from the ashes and survive the crisis, and yet others fail.