It May Happen to Me!

The Essential Guide to General Insurance

This Guide explains how and why insurance came into being and why it is still so relevant to home and business owners today. The question of price versus protection is debated, with the reader gaining an insight into the business model that insurance companies follow and the methodology employed by insurers in pricing their products. The concept of risk and risk transfer, as one of the primary methods of risk management open to businesses, is explained together with other methods, such as business continuity management. A checklist of basic covers that various industries should consider is provided, as well as an overview of the many types of general insurance cover available. Besides explaining what is covered, the Guide looks at the often more important issue of what is not covered. An expansive chapter on flood and other water perils has been included in response to the media and government outcry following the Queensland Floods. Most importantly, the Guide provides practical advice on the key issues, so that you, your family and your business will not only survive a crisis, but thrive!




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Hi Allan
On the weekend Mike showed me your new book [It May Happen To Me!]. I have said to Mike over the last 5 years that the broking industry needs a ‘textbook’. You have delivered what we have been waiting for!!!
Your new book is fantastic. I will certainly be showing the girls in our office who are currently studying their Tier 1 through NIBA College. The girls will find the information regarding commercial policies extremely valuable.
Congratulations on the new book and I can guarantee it will be used regularly in our office.

Chris Donnelly
Operations Manager & Consultant
Donnelly Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd
19 April 2011