Research Services
We in the insurance industry know that buying insurance on the basis of price only can end in financial disaster when the policy fails to respond to a claim in the manner expected by the insured.  It is therefore absolutely vital that insurance policies be tailored to the specific needs of clients.    Contrary to popular belief, insurance policies are not generic, but differ markedly from one another.        

Insurance is a highly complex field in which to operate. Not only do practitioners need to be familiar with the broad range of covers now available and the myriad of differences between policies in each class, but they also must take into account the high level of transparency required of the industry to safeguard the consumer…all of which is evidenced by the high cost of PI cover!

To assist the insurance and business communities, the LMI Group has developed a range of online interactive tools that are available 24/7 from any computer with internet access. To your left are links to our range of online tools. These tools operate in a real-time mode and are continually updated as changes to wordings come into effect, thereby providing you with access to our research, from which these tools have been developed.
The term ‘Research Tools’ can be misleading as each tool not only comprises extensive research but also useful training, how-to guides, as well as risk management and product information for subscribers.
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