Case Law

Court cases provide valuable information as to how and why a determination that affects our industry, has come about. We have brought together a vast store of cases that will not only keep you abreast of the cases that affect our industry, but also provide interesting reading.

To keep you up-to-date, the 5 most recent cases are always easily located, being available in a list that has been conveniently placed directly beneath the search fields on accessing this tab. For your convenience, these recent cases will move to the bottom of the page, beneath your search results, once you have activated your search.

Please note that the country that is displayed when you access this facility is dependent on your login. If you have a
dual-country login, you will be able to select the country required via the dropdown facility.

Our powerful search engine enables searching in any part of a case, or any word that has been included in the abstract and/or commentary about the case. Your search results will be displayed beneath the search criteria.

If you are searching for an older document, you can change the dates in the Advanced Search date fields to narrow the search.


In the example above, we have requested cases where the word ‘insurance’ appears. You will notice in the results listed below the search fields that some of the cases have the word ‘insurance’ in the title of the case, while other cases do not. Those cases where the word ‘insurance’ does not appear in the case title, have been included in the search results as the word ‘insurance’ is referred to in the abstract or commentary.

To view a case, click on the case title.